“Music To My Ears” – Keys N Krates ft. Tory Lanez

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We’ve heard this song before, but not really because it was just released, but we’ve heard it before.  It’s like if Pretty Lights tried to be an urban boyband.  This is one of those songs about how arguing sucks and smashing is fun, and we can get behind (or in front) of that. All of these boys are from Canada so we’re not sure where this sweaty island inspo is coming from but we love it. We also love that this song only takes 30 seconds to get to the hook. #issabop


“Roll With Us” – Doja Cat

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If you don’t know Doja Cat you’re way behind. She’s the rapper that grew up going to Coachella. A rainbow clad black barbie from Calabasas who writes some hard as fuck lyrics.  Let’s hang out Doja. Inevitably people are going to compare Doja Cat with Kali Uchis and that’s okay.  There’s plenty of space in the lowrider-sphere. #issabop


“Don’t Stay” – X Ambassadors

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If Sam Smith had a pair… We likey. There’s a nostalgia on each track that we can’t put our finger on. This is a well written song and we like the story X Ambassadors is telling. They use real words and sentences, which we appreciate. We can’t wait to see these boys live. #issaight


“There x2” – Slushii ft. Marshmello

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This is cute AF. Like where All American Rejects left off with Van’s Warp Tour. Warp tour vibes are good in small doses. We could probably listen to this song a few times a year and really enjoy it. It sounds like the softer more sensitive side of Cobra Starship. If you like the words “I still miss you” and “whoa oh oh oh,” this is your jam! #issabop


“Hot Pink” – Let’s Eat Grandma

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Two bad ass British byrds. Super experimental. Undeniably talented. Synths, vocals, drops and trippy lyrics. Issa trip! Let’s Eat Grandma are baby-popstars from the UK that we need to keep our eye on. This song has grown on us in the last few hours since it’s release. They get eternal props for the best band name ever and we respect them for keeping their Brit accents but not sounding at all like they know what they’re talking about, flying in the face of how a Brit accent is usually interpreted by Americans. #issabop



“Hope For Tomorrow” – Autograf, Klingande & Dragonette

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Autograf has been on our radar for 3+ years. It’s weird because nothing the trio does ever seems to sound like the last. They’re consistently excellent, consistently putting out different sounds. “Hope For Tomorrow” wins us over with it’s catchy chorus and Dragonette’s vocal brings us back to our teenage years. The drop is a bit too aggressive but we still enjoy it. #issaight


“Iron & Steel” – Quinn XCII

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What’s it called when you mix uppers and downers? This has a real Itsy Bitsy Spider feel to it. What’s with these Khalid kind of flows where a rapper sounds like their lips are in constant duck-face while they’re rhyming? It’s pronounced “all of that” not “allodat.” This boy feels a lot and we like that, but we’re not in love with this song. #issaight


“Pray For Me” – The Weeknd ft. Kendrick Lamar

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The Weeknd would be hard to hang out with. You probably can’t mention anything about his hair or Michael Jackson or Bella Hadid or Selena Gomez. IRL we never want the weekend to end, but we’ve lost faith in Abel Makkonen Tesfaye’s grit. Fame has made him soft and we wonder if he even had plans to release this song prior to Kendrick stealing the show at the 2018 Grammys. We do love Kendrick however, and once he drops in for a cup of coffee in the middle, it makes the song somewhat worth it. KENDRICK: Always a smooth, single bean brew and good to the last drop. #issaight


“LOVE Somebody” – FRENSHIP

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We can already think of way too many songs called “Love Somebody.” This song has smooth vocals but it’s totally forgettable. We bet these guys like Local Natives and are like REALLY Hipster. After hearing the song from Let’s Eat Grandma this week everything else sounds a bit routine and cookie-cutter. But that’s no excuse. Also, why are they capitalizing the first word “LOVE”? We don’t get it. #issaflop


“Geek A Lot” – Smokepurpp

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 3.38.01 PM.png

Just 20yrs old, Omar Pineiro (Smokepurpp) scares us. Like OG gangster. Guns, blunts, n bitches. Not a bad flow, but not a lot to distinguish it from most current hip-hop. We’re going to call it Cardi C-minus. It’s quick, at least. He gets in and out and nobody gets hurt like a well-planned bank robbery. Or an undercooked demo! #issaflop


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