“Heart to Break” – Kim Petras

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Song of the week! Kim Petras brings lots of nostalgia but still remains current with this new single. In addition, it’s catchy as hell and we wanna listen to it again. If you’re missing 2000’s pop radio this is perfect for you. Kim is skyrocketing to the top and we’re enjoying the ride with her. For the record, “Faded” is still our favorite. #issabop


“Remember” – Youngr

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“I Keep Forgettin'” is a 60’s song that’s been sampled and reinterpreted many, many times. People think it was written by Michael McDonald from The Doobie Brothers. It wasn’t, he just did a great version, but it’s the song, not the singer that ultimately matters. This reinterpretation is no exception. #issabop


“You Owe Me” – The Chainsmokers

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One of those annoying songs we’ll be hearing for the next 8 months, so it doesn’t matter what we say. BOP? FLOP? AIGHT? It’s your choice, it’s irrelevant! We’re just really not sure if we like this song. Maybe we secretly like it but we’re afraid to admit it to ourselves. #issaight


“Karma” – Thutmose ft. Alex Mali

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We always get excited when we see a new track from Brooklyn rapper Thutmose. This latest release “Karma” brings the heat. Alex Mali’s soulful voice elevates the track in all the right places. We love the production and arpeggios. Our summer jam came early this year.  Apparently Karma isn’t always a bitch! #issabop


“Where Would We Be” – ROZES & Nicky Romero

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Mattress on the floor? Nintendo 64? Hell yeah we love this song. Rozes touches us in all the right places with this boppy jam that is basically The Chainsmokers without The Chainsmokers. “Where Would We Be” takes us back to our younger years re-heating leftover pizza hut. A great warm up song for a night out. #issabop


“I Heard You Got Too Litt Last Night” – SAINt JHN

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With lines like “mix your purple with your purple-sprite” and “last night you showed me all the ratchet shit that you learned,” this song hits home for us. We read the word ‘Lit’ in an MSNBC headline the other week, which would indicate a nail in the coffin of that word. It’s like when your mom says “Woke” ’cause she heard it on “Ellen” or something. #issabop


“Look Back” – Diplo ft. DRAM

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Diplo is HOTT. But he’s getting a little too dad for us, which he’s clearly doing on purpose. This is a weird direction for him because it doesn’t sound like it was recorded in an alley in Brazil. It’s got a slow burn DRAM(a), and we’re feelin’ it (for bedtime). This song is making us tired. #issaight


“Faded Love” – Tinashe ft. Future

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Tinashe is like Pepsi or Burger King, everyone knows who she is and enough people must like her to keep her going, yet…why isn’t she more popular, or at least a part of the conversation? She’s a solid dancer and performer, as good as the national brand, and every gay we know has styled a shoot for her. So where’s the global acceptance and reach? Why so regional?! It’s probably because other than “2 On” her songs aren’t AMAZING. Either her A&R team isn’t giving her chart-toppers or she’s turning them down. #issaight


“Love Lies” – Khalid & Normani

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There was a time when an artist would release a few singles off an album and work that album for a few years. Not anymore. There’s no scarcity, everyone has a new single every week. The quality feels watered down and honestly we are just so sick of Khalid. This sound feels SO 2 years ago. Is it 2016? Nope. #issaight


“Too Many Friends” – Hearts & Colors

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We all have too many friends. 2018 is the year of #NoNewFriennds. Let’s nurture the relationships we have. The acoustic guitar and handclaps are cookie cutter, but once the production fully kicks in it’s fat and fills the space nicely. This song is for moms who can’t get enough of Ed Sheeran. #issaight


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