“Holding On” – Nightly

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What’s the deal this week? Another totally passable pop song that builds up nicely, and then…no real chorus. The chorus is what lasts, people! #issaight


“Done For Me” – Charlie Puth ft. Kehlani

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This begins with a very Carly Simon/Doobie Brothers/Kenny Loggins synth line that’s so smooth, you don’t need that vape for a few more minutes. It’s easy to hate Charlie Puth because he writes state of the art pop songs that infect your brain like a zombie virus and is cute AF, and probably smashes like a maniac, but those are also the same reasons to love him! This is actually pretty funky. It’s a different side of him and we’re into it. He self produced this? Kehlani is a great addition to this song, she kills it. #issabop


“Iron” – Gundelach

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Quietly, coldly pulls you in and makes you feel like you’re in Iceland or some other Nordic land where you need to find a hot springs to slip into right away. Chilllll, baybeeee! We’re into this … a lot actually, but it’s not a Bop by most standards. Super ambient, well produced, semi 80’s but still present day overtones. This is begging for a dope remix. #issabop


“Raw” – Sigrid

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 2.23.19 PM

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard a bit of that plucky programmed strings-staccato. It’s got that ‘I’m upset at you in an elegant way-Fiona Apple vibe,’ which is always welcome here. Hope she sticks with the loser who inspired this song so they’ll continue to inspire her with song fuel. We’ve wanted to like Sigrid so much for so long but didn’t get the buzz until now. #issabop


“Underneath” – Dana Vaughns

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Songs that begin with the words “I’ma let” have an immediate disadvantage and a lot to overcome. This one almost succeeds, but…issaight. This is our first time hearing of Dana Vaughns. He sounds like an ex-boyband member trying to be edgy, but we actually kind of like this song. #issaight


“Heart to Break” – Kim Petras

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Song of the week! Kim Petras brings lots of nostalgia but still remains current with this new single. In addition, it’s catchy as hell and we wanna listen to it again. If you’re missing 2000’s pop radio this is perfect for you. Kim is skyrocketing to the top and we’re enjoying the ride with her. For the record, “Faded” is still our favorite. #issabop


“Remember” – Youngr

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 12.54.45 PM.png

“I Keep Forgettin'” is a 60’s song that’s been sampled and reinterpreted many, many times. People think it was written by Michael McDonald from The Doobie Brothers. It wasn’t, he just did a great version, but it’s the song, not the singer that ultimately matters. This reinterpretation is no exception. #issabop


“You Owe Me” – The Chainsmokers

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 12.55.02 PM.png

One of those annoying songs we’ll be hearing for the next 8 months, so it doesn’t matter what we say. BOP? FLOP? AIGHT? It’s your choice, it’s irrelevant! We’re just really not sure if we like this song. Maybe we secretly like it but we’re afraid to admit it to ourselves. #issaight


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