Review: “Celoso” – Lele Pons

Screenshot 2018-08-17 15.11.46

Celoso (jealous in Spanish) celebrates the mild musical debut for social media star Lele Pons. Can Lele sing? Who cares — she’s a wildly talented entertainer and this is another stage. That said, we need that fuego, Lele! That spicy red hot salsa, baby! We understand this is what we should expect from a new musician with a dynamite production team. We understand enough Spanish to get that this song is about romantic tension between attractive people, too. Lele, with her built-in fan base, will no doubt find success with this move. That said, she’s been popular long enough that she knows what good is and debuting with a song called jealous is below her. Please don’t be a yodel kid. We’re rooting for you, Lele. Keep it up. #issabop


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