“Last Hurrah” – Bebe Rexha

This is an aggressive flop and here’s why: Bebe is more concerned with melodies and sounding grungy than building identity as an artist. She’s got two EPs and a full album and we still have no idea what she stands for and what her perspective is. This song says nothing more than “I’m done partying… Continue Reading →

“Speed It Up” – Gunna

Ok we sped it up, now what? Doesn’t seem like this track is really going anywhere. He keeps asking, but it never gets sped up. Must be frustrating. So if you don’t really feel like going anywhere, this is for you. #issaflop Click Here for Lyrics ♫

“New Shapes” – Diplo ft. Octavian

Energy vampire Diplo strikes again to suckle off the talent of yet another up and coming performer. After stalking and fan-boying out over the French-British rapper, he cornered Octavian in L.A. long enough to lay this track down. Gotta give it up for Diplo not doing the exact thing he always does for once. Remember… Continue Reading →

“Worth It” – Roy Woods

Hmmm. His earlier stuff was on fire, but this is kind of connect the dots familiar. Wonder what happened? We want that 30 seconds of our life back- listening to this for free wasn’t “worth it.” #issaflop

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