Jesse Saint John Smiles Through Dark Emotions on “Don’t Stop Dancing. Life Gets Sad.”

Over the last five years, Jesse Saint John’s unapologetic persona, destructive fashion aesthetic and lyrical mastery have helped him become one of the most recognized songwriters in the game. He’s got names like Sia, Britney, Camila on his resume and his most recent home-run hit, Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts,” is rapidly ascending the Billboard Hot 100. And after a year of self-discovery, the Los Angeles based writer lifts the curtain to share a personal message about his own mental struggles on his debut EP “Don’t Stop Dancing. Life Gets Sad.”

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“Sweet Spot” – Kim Petras

Oh Hiiiii Kim P! We’ll accept this new little ditty and file it under bop. It’s a glittering homage to disco-pop, which when held up against her recent blitzkrieg of new music, might just stand as her best one yet. #issabop


“Sick Thoughts” – Lewis Blissett

Lewis Blissett got our attention a few months ago when he covered “no tears left to cry” on his insta (which has 1.3 million followers). His first proper release is a dark banger and not at all the cookie cutter pop we expected. Maybe we’ll add this to our gym playlist, coming soon! #issabop


“Doin’ Time” – Lana Del Rey

What?! Lana covering Sublime is an unanticipated dream come true. Literally falling in love with Lana & Sublime all over again, executed perfectly. Lana Del Rey is like a fine wine. Her voice and sheer musical power are undeniable, topped off with a perpetual sadgirl vibe. She still needs a hug. We love you, baby, it’s gonna be ok! #issabop


“White Wine” – Dutch Melrose

Gotta support the home team (Los Angeles, represent!) and this is an okay, somewhat catchy, moody track, but the artwork is a disembodied hot lady who’s half-naked. You can do better than that, Dutch! Cover art is extremely important in music. Thank you for coming to our Ted Talk. #issaight


“I Don’t Care” – Ed Sheeran ft. Justin Bieber

Ed Sheeran uses the “Shape Of You” formula to write this latest track with Justin Bieber. It’s got an okay groove, and we want to like it so much, but after 20 listens this song still isn’t quite resonating with us. It’s just a bit too cheesy maybe? Even “Shape Of You” has a bit of edge. This has..nothing. Does it even matter what anyone writes about Ed Sheeran at this point? You already love him or hate him! #issaight


“validation” – Yoshi Flower

We have been a fan of Yoshi’s vibe for awhile now. But there are SO many songs just like this! “Validation” doesn’t stick out in today’s music climate, and Yoshi’s fashion and cute insta pics aren’t going trick us into bopping this. There used to be a schism between the proponents of hard hip-hop and R&B rap, but it’s interestingly turned into a battle of who can be the SOFTEST! “You ain’t soft, you didn’t even cry one tear recording this song! Go listen to “Sunflower” by Post Malone and come back when you’re ready to be SOFT bro!” #issaflop


“Civil War” – Russ

The lyrics are cute and the hook is sticky AF. All this summer bop needs now is the summer! It already has a bag by the door with a towel, sunscreen and a flask. We are SO ready to be outdoors with our clothes off with this playing in the background. #issabop


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