“validation” – Yoshi Flower

We have been a fan of Yoshi’s vibe for awhile now. But there are SO many songs just like this! “Validation” doesn’t stick out in today’s music climate, and Yoshi’s fashion and cute insta pics aren’t going trick us into bopping this. There used to be a schism between the proponents of hard hip-hop and… Continue Reading →

“I Lost a Friend” – FINNEAS

We love Finneas and his story telling, but his voice just does not sell his songs. Kind of like when Bradley Cooper needed six months of Lady Gaga convincing us he’s God’s gift to man to convince us that his voice was even tolerable. Finneas isn’t quite as challenged, but he does sound like a… Continue Reading →

“Started” – Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea will always be a model who can sort of rap. Without the video this song is dumb. We’ve been legit feeling nostalgic for Anna Nicole Smith lately so this video feeds our inner sugar baby fantasies. #issaflop

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