“Harry” – Kelsy Karter

In a nutshell: Singer Kelsy Karter posted a photo & video of her getting a tattoo of Harry Styles’ face on her face and sent the internet & family/friends into a frenzy worrying if it was real. She received a flurry of media attention… a few days later she admits it was fake and was all a publicity stunt to get people talking about her new single “Harry.” 

We think this is an interesting case study that brings up a lot of questions… Are marketing gimmicks actually effective? At what length of absurdity will musicians go to get their music heard? What message does this send to musicians in regards to what type of stunts they need to pull just to get listens? Does this change the way you hear the song now? Personally, we think she could have let the stunt simmer a bit longer before admitting it was fake… maybe a music video with the face tattoo? Overall we don’t think this marketing gimmick makes much difference to the song, which isn’t attention grabbing on it’s own. (BTS video below) #issaflop


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