“Middle Of A Heartbreak” – Leland

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Not heartbroken, but not totally healed, Leland captures the strange space of being in the middle perfectly. This is one of those songs that you catch halfway through and go, wait, I’m listening to a song? I thought this was just the soundtrack of my life… And what could have been a melancholy ode to love lost is instead a fun ‘80s synth throwback that says, “Screw going out, I’ll dance naked in my own living room, damn it!” Leland, known for penning some of our favorite bops from Troye Sivan and Selena Gomez, had a trick up his sleeve with this one, and we’re glad he saved some of his genius melody and lyrical concepts for himself so we could get to know him better. “Middle Of A Heartbreak” gives us something vulnerable and honest, a real moment that we’ve ALL been through. Turn it up. #issabop


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