“Why Did You Do That?” – Lady Gaga

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This, to us, shows that it’s not a hidden secret that certain romance evokes feelings. This week, we’ve got a lot of feelings about romance because so far every song we’ve posted has been a love song. Lady Gaga is the Star Spangled Banner of pop right now. She doesn’t need to make music and she still does. Rare talent to hear these days.

Here’s the thing… think about the cash cows that are movies paired with chart-topping soundtracks…. We can only think of two… Prince & Purple Rain + Whitney & The Bodyguard (duh), literally the Best Selling Soundtrack of all time.

It’s because the talent doesn’t exist. You can act, or you can sing. Both is rare. Sorry Beyonce, but it takes an army for you to put out one song. Gaga is a writer on every original track she performs on the soundtrack, and the music stands on it’s own.

Solid BOP. The majority of the album is folky but this bop is for the Monsters. OMG are we Monsters?! Movie will hopefully win an Oscar or three. Very excited to see how this performs. #issabop


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