“TURN OFF THE LIGHT, VOL 1” (EP) – Kim Petras

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Vol 1?! Does that mean there’s a Vol 2?! Kim PetrYASSSSSSSSSS. How many more fantastic, state of the art pop songs does she have to release this year to get the accolades she deserves? Kim is making all the right moves with this Halloween themed EP. It’s like Elvira and Michael Jackson had a baby. Ariana has Xmas & Chill, but Kim blew the wigs off the queens with with these spooky bops. Even the album art is perfect. Lesbihonest- if you replace “Jesus” with “Baby”, Christian music becomes pop. If you put spooky synths behind some good ol’ Dr. Luke songs from the vault, you get a BOPPING Halloween EP. #issabop


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