Review: “Fuh You” – Paul McCartney

Screenshot 2018-08-17 15.48.25.png

Stop the presses. This song broke Issabop and led to our first mutiny in history with discussion involving opinions:

“I honestly couldn’t w/ that song.”

“This fool is a dog.”

“What are you doing, Paul?”

“When old people who think they’re the shit do songs…”

“I don’t wanna hear about Paul McCartney fuh’ing anyone.”

and finally, “If u want to do a review for it we will consider posting.” Thus, here we are…

Seventy-six-year-old Beatles legend dropped a 2018 banger with the central lyric “I just wanna fuh you.” Ladies and gentlemen, we have a paradox: It’s like the stereotypical naked old man in the locker room just made his musical debut… except the old man is one of the greatest musical geniuses of all time. It’s hard to swallow that the man that brought us “Let It Be” is the same guy who wrote “Fuh You.” We’re both impressed and distressed: This old horn-dog remains young at heart. Who expected that? Nobody. We almost feel disappointed that Paul changed his music to fit the era, but more than that, we’re excited that such a leg (read like ‘legend’ but pronounced like ledge) actually has the balls to put music out on his own. We can’t compare him to anybody. #issabop #issaight #issaflop

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