“Dirty Mind” – Stanaj ft. Ty Dolla $ign

dirty mind stanaj ty dolla sign

We still can’t over what a HORRIBLE artist name Stanaj is. Afraid he’s going to be “Nicole Scherzinger-ed” and slept on because his name is hard to pronounce. But if his stage name isn’t the reason for your passiveness, maybe the reason is because he’s putting out basic pop songs that could have been recorded by Liam Payne or Charlie Puth. The dude has vocals but desperately needs to figure out who he is as an artist and give us some originality. Stanaj’s “Dirty Mind” sounds like an attempts to reinterpret JT’s “Señorita,” only with weaker melodies and less riveting production. It’s definitely smooth, but even a feature from our fav Ty Dolla $ign doesn’t elevate this to hit status. #issaflop


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