“2 Da Moon” – Towkio ft. Teddy Jackson & Grace Weber

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We instantly thought of Kaytranada when we heard this. Sources say Towkio is the next big thing in rap which is why Rick Rubin signed him to American Records. This comes out the box with plenty of fun, like when your friend arrives at the party and she’s already drunk. The party was kind of boring anyway, and thank God they showed up! Grace Weber’s soulful voice elevates the song at just the right moment. #issabop


Label: Republic Records / Universal Music Group
Mgmt (Towkio): Chelsi Zollner / Biz 3 Publicity & Cody Clark
Mgmt (Grace Weber): Binta Niambi Brown
Songwriters: Teddy Jackson, Freddy Kennett, Peder LosnegÄrd & Towkio (Preston Oshita)

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